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"If You Build It, They Will Come"

I think one of the most underrated films to ever hit the theatres and not be fully appreciated for its deeply profound and applicable thematic undertone would have to be Field Of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner.

The basic premise of the movie goes something like this:

  • A farmer, (Kevin Costner) with a decent amount of land, wakes up one day and begins to hear voices in his head instructing him to build a baseball field on his land so that the ghosts of baseball legends past can show up to play on this field.

  • The farmer pushes the idea (and the voice in his head) aside and concludes he must be going crazy.

  • The voice continues to visit him until the farmer succumbs to its instructions and builds the baseball field.

  • Exactly as the voice predicted, all the ghost of baseball legends who passed away shows up on his field and begin playing a good'ol game of baseball.

  • The movie ends.

Now to some, this may have been their hard earned money wasted to go see a movie with a simple plot such as the points mentioned above, but to me, this speaks volumes beyond any words can explain.

For the longest, I have put off this burning, incessant desire to put my thoughts onto paper and grant the world a peek into those thoughts. From as young as I can remember, the one consistent thing I've heard others affirm and build me up with has been my writing and I used to think, "Eh, you're just saying that." until I finally sat down a year ago and began writing my first (soon to be published in February!) young adult fiction novel and Thus the brand Shaken Not Stirred, LLC was born.

Much like Kevin's character, I don't know where this first project will take me, nor do I know who it will reach. I will though continue to ignore those doubts and tread ahead into literary territories unknown and I hope you'll join me along the way. :-)

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